Satisfying the nutritional needs of consumers through innovation

Our Company

We are a family owned branded business specialising in the production of gluten-free foods. We operate out of a dedicated production facility that is free from any gluten containing ingredients. Currently we produce pizza bases, baguettes, petits pains and rolls.

The business was first started in 1993 in Bolton to produce and supply pizza bases to local grocer shops and takeaways. In 1996 the business expanded and relocated to a larger premises in nearby Wigan.

Our gluten-free journey began in 1998 when we started to develop gluten-free pizza bases for coeliac patients in the United Kingdom.
The product was produced to NHS standards. By the end of 2010 we had built up over a decade of gluten-free production experience so a decision was made to develop a range for the retail sector. The Glutamel brand was born and launched in 2011.