• Business Start Up

    A family owned business first set up in Bolton in Lancashire specialising in the production and supply of hand crafted pizza bases to local retail and catering outlets

  • Moving On and Up

    The business became a Limited Company and due to increasing customer demand relocated to larger premises in nearby Wigan. The subsequent increase in capacity enabled the business to expand beyond its original trading area and service customers located in the Midlands and Yorkshire

  • Ready Crust Brand Launched

    Launch of the Ready Crust pizza base brand, an assortment of thin crust, standard crust and deep pan pizza bases in a multitude of sizes

  • Gluten Free Development

    The company was approached by Scientific Hospital Supplies International Ltd in Liverpool (Part of Nutricia PLC) to develop gluten free pizza bases as a prescribed medicine for coeliac patients through the NHS. This involved developing gluten free pizza bases to NHS standards. This was our first venture into developing a product that satisfied the needs of consumers with specific nutritional requirements 

  • Low Protein Development

    Development of low protein foods for individuals who suffer from the medical condition Phenylketonuria (PKU). Launch of a low protein pizza base made to NHS specifications that could be perscribed to KPU patients by their GP 

  • Petit Pains Development

    Following very positive feedback from the coeliac community for the gluten free pizza bases the business decided to try and add further value to the gluten free market by developing other great tasting gluten free bakery lines such as baguettes and petit pains 

  • European Market

    2003 marked the businesses first foray into the European market by agreeing a deal with Semper Foods AB in Sweden. The reaction from Swedish consumers to both pizza bases and petit pains exceeded expectations leading to further expansion across Scandinavia. In the autumn of 2003 a brown petit pain was launched across Scandinavia

  • Nutritional Focus

    Due to increasing demand from our customers for gluten free foods the business decided to solely focus on the development and production of gluten free products. This was our first step along the road to becoming a specialist food business that produces products for consumers with specific dietary requirements

  • Glutamel Brand Development

    Registration of the word Glutamel as a brand name. This was our first step towards becoming a brand owner. Developing our gluten, wheat and dairy free assortment including pizza bases, petit pains, baguettes and rolls

  • Glutamel Entered Retail Market

    The Glutamel brand was launched into the UK retail market. Glutamel pizza bases and baguettes were launched into selected Co Operative's across the UK

  • Glutamel Entered Foodservice Market

    Our Glutamel pizza bases became more accessible as they were included on the menus of the Domino's Pizza Group. Our gluten free pizza bases are available across all Domino's stores in the UK and Ireland

  • SALSA Accreditation

    The business attains SALSA Accreditation